Friday, 13 January 2012

Striking Back

Tell Me A Story - Book Review

Author - Mark Nykanen
Title     - Striking Back
Stars   - 4

Striking Back:
It's settlement time for the mystery murderer who's slaying people in ways that reflects the ugly violence they forced upon the women in their lives.

As the number of bodies count grows, and media interest deepens, innocent citizens could easily get caught in the assassin's revenge.

Gwyn keeps her ugly family history secret. More than twenty years ago, when she was a teenager, her violent stepfather died hideously. Gwyn knows the secrets but she's not talking about the past, because she's too occupied trying to change the future by breaking the cycle of domestic violence.

Men she counsels aren't angels, but perhaps she can change the attitude, which makes their families so miserable. However, when someone starts killing her controversial clients, Gwyn becomes the primary suspect. Perhaps Gwyn has a hidden wish for justice that's far from therapeutic.

The plot, is by no mean original, but this isn't always necessary to make a good book. Mark Nykanen has made the storyline distinctive, characters convincing, and dialogue true to life. Striking Back twists and turns so that you have no idea who the killer might be.

On the whole, Striking Back is an interesting and exciting book that is difficult to put down. A recommended read.

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