Thursday, 12 January 2012

Ryan's Return

Tell Me A Story Book Review

Author - Barbara Freethy
Title     - Ryan's Return
Stars   - 4

Ryan's Return:
Ryan comes home to a family shredded by suspicion and bitterness, to the father who rejected him, the brother who deceived him, and the little boy who shares his features.

Ryan has returned, rousing past differences, and propelling Kara Delaney into turmoil.

Kara has fought back from a devastating marriage to shape a new life for herself and her little girl. Her quiet life is threatened by small town politics, by her daughter's whimsical ghost stories, and by Ryan's return.

Nature's approaching wrath threatens to uncover secrets. Kara joins with Ryan to unearth the truth that will save their families, and to explore a daring, compelling romance.

The characters in Ryan's Return are quite well elaborated and come across as agreeable people. This was a fairly modest page turner, reasonably exciting with a dollop of romance.

There is perhaps too much back story, which at times, can be tedious. Maybe it’s because of this, but for me Ryan's Return seems to skip around and becomes trying. Ultimately, Barbara Freethy has produced a story that is fairly predictable but a reasonable read.

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