Friday, 4 September 2009

HELP - With Book Promotion

Tell Me a Story - book promotion.

I hate book promotion. I've tried all sorts of things to push my book - to no avail. The market is dominated by big publishing conglomerates.... and it doesn't help if you're a shy person, like me, who dislikes being the centre of attention.

Bog-all book sales.

If you're with an independent publishing house as I was a while ago, or an indie author on Kindle, as I am now,  it's extremely difficult to get a foot in. Result - bog-all book sales despite good feedback and fan-mail from readers all over the world.

The problem is, even with established publishing houses there is no budget for new authors. Like Kindle authors, they have to do all their own book promotion.

Help is at hand.

It's been suggested that the 'tag' system on Amazon be used to help book promotion. The idea is that a growing number of people use those tags to find 'types' of books they want, rather than authors - not simply for genre, but for more specific detail.

As a simple example, there is a tag for Romantic Suspense (along with others) on Without Reproach. Now if someone is interested in novels centred on Romantic Suspense, they might search tags and come up with my book.

Let's play tag.

Amazon actively promote tags on books but place emphasis on those with the highest number of unique ticks on those tags - as they would of course.

Now here's the clever bit. If any kind readers out there, could take it upon themselves to visit Without Reproach and simply click on ANY of the tags to my book, it would cost NO MONEY and it might help my dismal promotion efforts..... PLEEEASE.....

I'm not asking anyone to write a review, just tick boxes they feel like ticking and tick that they've read the book, otherwise it doesn't seem to work (I know its a cheat, but....).

Without Reproach can be found here on or

I really would be grateful for any help you can give.... And for any authors out there, if you fancy a reciprocal agreement for book promotion, please leave a message in the comments.

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Jenn Nixon said...

Clicked for you!

If you have a banner, I can put it on my blogs and website next time I update. I don't get a ton of traffic, but I have some subscribers!

email: jennafern @ gmail . com