Saturday, 4 July 2009

Danny Gokey raises money for charity

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American Idol star, Danny Gokey, has helped raise $10,000 for charity. He used his popularity to persuade Tweeters to ‘follow’ football star, Nick Barnett (@nickbarnett ) raising Nick's followers’ to 10,000 followers!!!

Incredibly they pulled it off it in only 9 hours!!

Well done Danny. Now another Professional football player, David Clowney ( @davidclowney )will also donate $5,000 if Danny can persuade 5,000 people to follower him by the tenth of July.

So, if you’re on Tweeter, get your fingers twiddling and help Danny to raise another $5,000 for charity.

*** Danny Gokey, Danny Gokey, Danny Gokey ***

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