Monday, 23 March 2009

Twilight fever and Wuthering Heights

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Stephenie Meyers has done it again.


Twilight” fever has had an unforeseen outcome. It’s actually been responsible for a sharp increase in sales for Emily Brontë’s “Wuthering Heights.”

Brontë’s novel about fanatical love is apparently read by "Twilight" heroine, Bella, in “Eclipse.” Because of this, young adult readers in France are enthusiastically scooping up translated copies of “Wuthering Heights” to see how it compares.

At least they’ll get to read something decent now….

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Jenn Nixon said...

LOL! Sad to say I got sucked in and read Twilight too. Horrid. The movie, surprisingly, was much better...probably because the screenwriter and director put a plot in the movie!

Janet Jarrell said...

Wuthering Heights is certainly up on my list of greats! I have not had the time to read this Twilight series but we own them all to date - my daughters love them.

I tend to support anything that encourages the younger generation to put down the electronics and pick up the book - particularly when it then encourages them to look into The Bronte sisters. These books re ignited an interest in reading to the masses; I'll at least acknowledge them for that.