Monday, 23 March 2009

Bridport here we come

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Come on scribes. Here’s a chance to show what you can do. There’s nothing like a competition to hone those writing skills, it pushes you beyond the limit you thought you had.

Bridport Creative Writing Competition

Bridport writing competition is one of those contests that really stretches the creative side – it is very high profile – agents and publishers tend to be on the lookout for the next best seller from these competitions. Not only that, it has incredible prizes… So get out that thinking box – and write.

The Bridport Prize International Creative Writing Competition was founded by Bridport Arts Centre in 1973 and has developed in importance and regard.

The competition has always been a magnet for entries from the UK and overseas. These days thousands of submission are received from over 80 countries worldwide.

The prize money and entry fees for the Bridport writing competition have risen over the years until today, the first prize in each category is £5,000 (approx $7000), second prize £1,000 (approx $1500) and third prize £500 (approx $700). An additional 10 supplementary prizes (for each category) of £50 each are awarded. The entry fee for 2009 is £6 per poem and £7 per story.

So get out those pens and access the Bridport Writing Competition here

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