Friday, 29 August 2008

Question -how do you write a manuscript?

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Can you help me, AJ. I'm afraid I've a few questions. How do you write a manuscript? When can you put the information about the book in the transcript? When do you insert the little tribute to someone. Is it when you send your book in or what?

  1. Hi! If your question is HOW to write a book, then my answer is you should try purchasing a text book on creative writing. This blog is too way limited to go into that. I can give a few hints and tips, but for a complete course, you must study a book.
  2. If your question is on the subject of the correct way to PRESENT your work, then take a look at my post Submission Guidelines It's already been covered there. Most publishing houses will toss your manuscript onto the slush pile without even looking if it doesn't meet industry standards, so it pays to do it correctly.
  3. As far as the book blurb is concerned, my publishers asked me to present a short synopsis just as the editing process was drawing to a close, which is a long time after it was accepted for publication.
  4. I was also asked if I would like to present a dedication page at a similar time. So as you can see. You have no need to think about things like that until you have a contract in your hands.


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