Friday, 29 August 2008

An interview with writer, Cindy Price

  • Cindy Price has been an online friend for a while now, and I thought it time to take a closer look at what she does.
  • Hi Cindy, would you like to tell us how long you've been writing?

Hello Anthony. Well, actually, I really don't ever remember not writing.

  • So, how many stories and poems have you produced?
I've written many stories. I have a novel in the works but that's not my passion really. I have hundreds of poems that I wrote years ago and have had a few of them published.

  • It's always nice to hear of success, congratulations. It isn't often poetry gets published now. It seems to have gone out of fashion. What was it that prompted you to write your latest work?
I see such a need for people who call themselves Christians, to know what they believe and why they believe it. So many people say they know what they believe about God, and about Jesus, but few actually do. If we don't know what we believe and why, then we don't know how to stand against evil when we're faced with it.

  • So would you say your work was aimed mainly at men, women or children?
It's written really for men or women but my heart is in women's ministry.

  • Okay, Cindy, let's give you a shameless plug. Where is your work available? How can readers get at it?
A large part of it is on my blog, STAND

  • Did you get that folk, click your fingers and take a look, that's all it takes. Cindy, let's hope you have a few hits because of this.... Have you anything in the pipeline at the moment?
Well, I'm currently looking for an agent and I have a small piece that should be out in the Spring of 2009.

  • The best of luck with it, and with finding an agent. Would you like to give a brief outline of your work?
Thanks Anthony. The piece is called "Stand" and is based on Galatians 5:1. The purpose of it is to teach others what God has taught me about standing on His Word to have victory in life.

What a brilliant concept, Cindy. I wish you well. Remember folks, get clicking, take a look at Cindy's work right now on STAND.

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