Sunday, 17 August 2008

Is there a publisher who will look at my novel for nothing?

  • Anthony, is there somewhere I can have a publisher look at my novel for nothing?
    I've had good things said about it, and friends are saying I should get it published, but I don't know how to do it, or where to go. I don't want to spend too much money for someone to turn round and reject it.

Well Eileen, it's good that people are saying nice things. It's a great boost to your ego.

First off, don't ever think about paying to have your book published. The idea is that a publisher pushes money YOUR way, not the other way around. If anyone asks for money, it's a scam - run away. It should cost nothing

To ensure your work isn't tossed onto the slush-pile before it's been looked at, it must be presented in the most proficient way you can. Let the publisher understand they're dealing with a professional person and they're more likely to give you a chance. See my blog to get the standard way to present your manuscript. There's no certainty they'll look at it even then, but without, it will be tossed to one side.

You'll find a list of reputable publishers and agents in Just pick one to suit your genre. When you've selected an agent, or publisher (if you're sure they'll accept work without an agent), send a short, polite, letter of enquiry.

However, before you even THINK of sending the letter of inquiry, check your work again and again. Be certain you've tied all those loose ends, that your grammar is okay, and that you've polished your manuscript until it shines.

Then sit back and offer prayers.

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