Sunday, 17 August 2008

Author, Andrew, Davidson, makes good

I thought you might like to hear this story about Andrew Davidson. It surely gives everyone encouragement. After all, it might just be you or me next!

TORONTO – Author Andrew Davidson grew up in a small Manitoba town. As a teenager, Davidson began honing his writing style - which set him on a path that has culminated in his first novel. It is a story that has made the man from Canada the prize of the international publishing world.

And what a prize!

His first novel, ‘The Gargoyle’, was chosen by Doubleday U.S. for a massive $1.25-million advance and he signed separate deals with Random House Canada and the U.K.'s Canongate Books, as well as its Australian subsidiary. The privileges to the book have been sold in 20 countries.

Davidson admits that the payout does make him feel “good.”

Good? I'd feel bloody marvellous. Most first time authors get zilch until their book starts selling.

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