Thursday 24 July 2008

An introduction to rssHugger

I have just joined something different, - and I'm suggesting you might be interested in it yourself.

I’m not given to venturing forth lightly, so you might ask just what caused this departure from the norm.

What have I warmed to – it's rssHugger It’s a system to help readers meet bloggers, a showcase for work, a directory for readers.

What are the benefits?

For bloggers:-

  • It raises awareness of the blog
  • It sends visitors to the blog
  • It shares traffic with the community
  • The blog becomes part of the RSS community
  • It builds links for blog posts to help with search engine optimisation
  • It allows new RSS subscribers interested in the blog to view the content on a regular basis.

For readers:-

  • You can easily locate blogs of interest
  • You can subscribe to several blogs
  • You an enormous directory of blogs to choose from
  • YOU have control

Give it a try - you might just approve.

If you do, and you find it okay, let me know. I look forward to your views and opinions.


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