Sunday, 3 August 2008

Never mind Twilight and Stephenie Meyer, I've actually made the best selling list!

Well I must say, the furore over author, Stephenie Meyer and the latest best selling release in her Twilight series of books (7.5 million and counting) left me quite envious.

The rest of us mortal writers scribble away without gaining anything close to best selling status. We try, we reach out, yet nothing seems to happen until – magically today.

I was feeling a bit dejected over the Meyer affair. I idly scanned my Amazon results to see how I was fairing, and they were bleak, I’ll tell you - UNTIL I checked Canada. For some unknown reason I seem to have MADE it in Canada.

I’m in the best selling list! Admittedly not high (56) but the best selling list is 100 so I’m just about halfway. It isn’t the point though. I AM in the best selling list! I’m officially a best selling author!

I really can’t believe it. I don’t care why; I don’t care how. Thank you all of you lovely Canadians. Thank you for buying WITHOUT REPROACH. Thank you for putting my soul back in place.

Canada – I think I love you.


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Schuyler Thorpe said...

I'm not too thrilled with the TWILIGHT series either.

I have never HEARD of it (much less read it) until her cult following was making such a big stink on the last book over at YAHOO! ANSWERS.

I swear...I was being driven batty enough to drink...seeing how much of what she wrote was poorly compiled anyways--making me even more convinced that the traditional publishing standards of 20 some odd years ago were finally put to bed without much fanfare.

Leaving in its wake as a successor?

Really crappy writing published by overworked and underappreciated editors.

Maybe it is just me, but it's getting very hard these days to find some really rare gems in the slushpile of traditionally published books.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment Sky. Twilight fans will be up in arms, but who gives a sh**