Monday, 14 July 2008

Book Review Site

I keep meaning to do book reviews but never seem to find time.

I've found a lazy man's way around it. I came across a site today that gives independent reviews. They're not my choice of course, but they aren't driven by commercial dependence either, they're one person's view.

Take a look at

Writing Story Dialogue - 12 Cool Secrets

All About Write - 10 Top Writing Tips

Lens Coating - What Everybody Ought To Know

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Schuyler Thorpe said...

I'm not a major fan of reviews either. I've had this debate with some of my writing groups--as to why they are needed--but for me personally, they are just a giant pain in the ass.

It makes me look like an amateur blowhard desperate for public attention. ("Look at me! Pay attention to me! I'm important!!!")

>full body shiver going on here<