Sunday, 22 June 2008

Question - How to get published

Hi Anthony, I've been working on a book for about a year. I plan to write a sequel and to get them both published. How do I go about doing that? I want it as inexpensive as possible. How much do you usually get from the sale of your book?

Angie, this is a somewhat similar question to a recent one. Once your book has been polished as much as you can - once you've cut away all purple crap .... when you're sure everything has been corrected, then send a query letter to a publishing house.

Ask permission to submit your book. Give the genre, word count and a brief synopsis, then sit back and pray like there's no tomorrow.

If they like your work, they might ask you to send the first three chapters. Your work must be submitted to the industry standard, of double type space etc, (see my post for full explanation of their requirements).

There will be no cost to you to publish through 'normal' publishing routes. Editorial costs will be met by the publishing house (but your work will be expected to be at a reasonable level before being accepted)

If you're planning to self-publish (paper or ebook), you might be interested in an interview I gave with author, James Melzer, ( ) who's going down the path of publishing with Lulu. He gives the breakdown costs and talks of his experience.

Royalties on sales vary with each publishing house and range from 7% to 12% of sale price. Royalties with self-published books are set by yourself and you'd need to check what other writers of the same genre are selling their books at.

Hope this helps a little.

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