Monday, 5 March 2012


Tell Me A Story - book review

Author - Jonathan Kellerman
Title     - Victims
Stars   - 4

The grisly crime scene is reminiscent of London’s Jack the Ripper killings.
In spite of his skills, Alex is baffled when more slaughters occur in the same shocking manner yet with no obvious connection between the victims.
The only evidence left behind, a page of paper with a question mark, appears to be a intimidating sneer yet a cry for help from a killer puzzled by his own destructive impulses.

Victims is gripping, yet dances at a pace that sometimes seems slow, although perhaps true to life. The shudders of Victims are authentic and psychosomatic, the plot rational and convincing. The upshot is a bombshell, yet seems inescapable after being revealed.

Victims is an archetypal thriller from a craftsman writer.


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