Monday 19 March 2012

Past Sins: New cover, New Genre

Tell Me A Story - book review

Author - Ellie Jones
Title     - Past Sins
Stars   - 5

PAST SINS by Ellie Jones has had a bit of a revamp since it was last looked at - a book makeover.

For a start, Past Sins has been re-classified and placed under the erotica sections, as an Erotic Romance. Apparently, some people thought it a bit too steamy to be in the Contemporary Romance bracket.

Taking the bull by the horns, the Past Sins storyline has been made even more racy, which quite firmly tips it into the Erotic Romance genre. It has also had a new cover designed, to complete the makeover and enhance the new image

Past Sins – an erotic romance
 Jenny is not related to Juan Garcia. She has never heard of him, never met him, and certainly never been to his villa before... So why does she vaguely recognize certain rooms and smells...

Jenny is puzzled when Spanish artist, Juan Garcia, leaves her his enormous villa in his Last Will and Testament ... But freaks out when she discovers a painting of herself in the entrance to the villa... totally naked...

Juan’s young brother, Eduardo, believes she is a gold-digger and is out to prove it. Jenny finds herself struggling with him on several levels; his certainty that she had an affair with Juan, his own escalating attraction towards her, his belief that she may be involved with threatening letters against him, and his absolute and unjustified dislike of her new friend... but then she starts to get threatening letters too, and it all gets out of hand.

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