Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Kissed by Fire

Tell Me A Story -  Book Review
Author  - Shéa MacLeod
Title - Kissed by Fire
Stars -

Kissed by Fire:
Morgan’s life is about to turn bizarre. When a specialist is violently slaughtered, Morgan is summoned to London to investigate. She discovers a plot embroiling an extinct supernatural race, dragons. However, dragons might not be as non-existent as people thought.

Darkness expands inside her. An unusual power erupts out of control. Morgan is hunted through the streets of London by a vampire.

Morgan must hunt her own assassin. She must discover the truth or humankind will be plummeted into a confrontation it can never win.

The exciting storyline of Kissed by Fire gets even better as it goes along. When the final page is reached you will probably be addicted. Shéa MacLeod instils central characters with credible personalities and includes numerous developments to the plot that are quite unexpected. All in all the book keeps you turning the pages.

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