Monday, 12 December 2011

Abysmal Book Promotion

Tell Me a Story - Book Promotion

I own to vulnerability. I am terrible at book promotion. I have tried to analyze why I'm so abysmal at it. I should be capable of marketing my stories. I ought to be adept at talking about my books - but it's not that easy.

The first problem is I'm appallingly bad at connecting with people. I am an introvert. I can do shy for the Olympics. My family conditioned me not to boast about achievements; they considered it bad manners to brag, and the idea stuck.

The notion of approaching a stranger fills me with a knot of alarm. To approach someone with the intention of selling a book - aggh.

Some authors on Twitter constantly remind us of the availability of their books, but after a while I’m sure people become blind to it, because I do.

I Tweet links to my articles and blogs but I don't want my Twitter account to become irritating. I admit slipping an odd reference to my books, but I feel awkward constantly feeding followers with commercials.

I guess I’ll have to accept I can’t promote, and pray that occasionally someone will discover one of my books and mention it.

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