Tuesday, 8 November 2011

That Immortal Jukebox Sensation

Tell Me A Story - Book Review

Author - Gareth R. Roberts

That Immortal Jukebox Sensation
The novel centres on Richie Strafe, who in his mid-30s finds himself trapped in a career as a solicitor and is going nowhere, caught in a liaison that has lost meaning and deeply bitter about the pop star success of his one-time school band mate, Capaldi. Events combine to push Strafe back to his hometown, and he gets entangled up with a vicious killer - and plots a murder of his own.

The book is fast paced. The hapless Strafe is a curiously endearing character for all his insufferable tendencies. Cultural references
abound, to 1970s and 80s music, like Joy Division and the Undertones.

It’s a quick read, but an enjoyable one – good for a surge of nostalgia. I enjoyed it.

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