Thursday, 10 November 2011

Finding Positano

Tell Me A Story - Kindle Book Review

Author - William James
Title - Finding Positano
Stars - 5

Jack Campbell is separated from his wife. His daughter, Maggie, writes a letter expressing her resentment and frustration. She ought to know not to take sides in such a private matter. Jack and his daughter have not spoken since.

Three years later, with the pressure of work and difficulties in her own relationship, Maggie goes in search of her father, a search that takes her to Positano on the romantic Italian Amalfi Coast. Positano is a picturesque town where anything can happen.
What she finds in Positano might just change her life if she doesn’t leave it to return to the comfortable safety of the life she already knows.

Finding Positano is an enchanting story of love, compromise and opportunity.

Finding Positano is a story you might find hard to put it down. The descriptions of the country are vivid - and it's a good love story. Finding Positano is about taking chances.

William James mixes a love story with travelogue in a very successful blend - I was hooked. I recommend this book and expect to hear more from this author


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