Saturday, 26 November 2011

The Colour of Glitter

Tell Me a Story

As a change, I thought I'd post this poem by my seven-year-old Granddaughter, Sophie, who wrote it this morning over breakfast. We live in Spain, while Sophie and her parents live in the UK. We don't get to see them too often. Little things like this touch me.

Sophie struggles with anything to do with English as a school subject, hates reading etc, so I'm amazed  she even thought to write it.

The Colour of Glitter:
Some red, some black, some blue, 
And some silver too, 
Some pink, 
I hope it doesn't go down your sink, 
Some dark blue, 
I hope it doesn't go in your pooh, 
And some gold, 
As long as you're not too old, 
And some purple, 
As long as you're not friends with Moaning Myrtle, 
Some light green,
It looks like my sun-screen, 
Some white too, 
It looks like my ballet shoe, 
These are all my coloured glitter, 
Now all I need is a cool baby sitter. 

by Sophie
aged 7


j beech said...

sophie is over the moon that you've posted her poem. we are all very proud of her as she is dyslexic, so this is a real boost to her confidence.

Glynis Peters said...

How descriptive! Wonderful work from a seven year old. Well done, Sophie.

Emma Calin said...

Tell Sophie WELL DONE!

My kids used to love writing poems and we kept them all on scraps of paper and old exercise books - it's wonderful to look back now they are all grown up and remember the things that they loved or that mattered to them. With epublishing you could even put them out as a little Kindle book for posterity!

Keep it up!

ajbarnett said...

Thanks so much, Glynis. I'll pass the message on

ajbarnett said...

Thank you Emma, you're so right.

BTW, Sophie thinks she's famous now...

klikharry said...

whaww.. nice poem from seven year old kid

ajbarnett said...

Very kind of you, Klikharry

j beech said...

i'd just like to thank all of you for taking the time to read and comment on sophies poem. you have all made a little girl (and her mum) very happy.