Thursday, 27 October 2011

Winning a written argument

Tell Me a Story

Presenting and winning a written argument can be a struggle without coming over as overbearing. So what do you need to do to get there? The short answer is, be logical.

Apply these ideas to your argument and you won't go far wrong:

  • Incitement: Describe the problem that must be settled.
  • Description: Clearly state your solution.
  • Reiteration: Recap your premise.
  • Influence: Establish your credibility with rational, responsible statements, facts,  figures, and consistency
  • Verification: Cite or refer to experts to support your argument.
  • Forecast: Describe an encouraging outcome to your solution.
  • Expectation: Anticipate or counter disagreements or doubt, by disproving other options.
  • Assessment: Encourage conformity by indicating examples of existing events that replicate your proposition.
  • Enclosure: Invite readers to be party to your viewpoint. 
  Manner and Approach
You should always consider your readers when establishing your tenor. Keep the nitty-gritties in mind: You should always write:
  • Clearly, 
  • Logically
  • Succinctly
  • Use an active voice -passive voice has no place here.
 Also keep in mind such winning tactics as: stressing benefits; writing for the ambivalent; and focusing on communicating with, not impressing, the reader.

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