Friday 14 October 2011

Building a Relationship with Potential Readers

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In order to maximise book promotion, we are often told to foster a relationship with prospective readers. Fine words. Yet how do we go about it? A lot of writers, me included, are introverts. I could do shy for the Olympics. I’m not really a people person. Socialising is hard work, and to push myself or my work onto people is abhorrent. 
I hate book promotion and tend to shut my mind to it, so it’s good when a PR person spells out what I need to do. Here is a list of things to tackle in this extract from an article to build up relationships, by Phyllis Zimbler Miller - best selling author and book marketing guru

List of things to help in building a relationship with potential readers

  • Videos – book trailers as well as videos of the author talking to her/his audience
  • Blogs – on the subject of a book, on the subject of writing or publishing or whatever the author believes will interest her/his audience
  • Articles – submitted to article directories – again on a variety of subjects connected to the target book audience
  • BlogTalkRadio show – the subject of the book, other authors, fictional characters
  • Social networks – Twitter, Facebook (including a page for the book), LinkedIn, etc.
  • Book sites – places such as where a partial or the entire book can be uploaded
  • Book author website – a major strategy in getting in front of an author's target markets
  • Online press releases
  • PR pitch sites such as
  • Audio recordings of a book
  • Virtual book tours

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