Monday, 25 July 2011

First Book Giveaway

Tell Me A Story

Well, that's it then - done and dusted. My first book giveaway for WITHOUT REPROACH has been conducted on Librarything, 40 winners selected, and ebook coupons sent out.

I had a panic when I couldn't see the emails in the 'sent' folder, but it seems they all went. It's something to do with the same wording in the 'subject' line was the problem. Once I put a different subject line wording for each one, they appeared in the 'sent' folder - the bugs are at it again...

I wish Goodreads would allow ebook giveaways as well. It seems a shame that my friends over there weren't included - but for some reason, Goodreads only allows giveaways on deadtree books...

I hope  out of the 40 winners, at least some of them offer a review, preferably on Amazon.


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