Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Are you Serious About Writing?

Tell Me A Story - Writing Tips

A lot of people say they want to write a story - yet most never get around to it. Are YOU serious about writing?
  • If you are really serious, the first thing you should do is beg, buy, or borrow, a couple of books on creative writing. All writers need to get to grips with the basics of story telling. The idea of writing may seem like a fire burning into your soul, but unless that fire is fed with the oxygen of skill, those flames will fade and die.
  • A textbook on creative writing will show you the right way to tackle your story and help you to become fruitful. You'll appreciate the why and wherefore of what you're doing.
  • Artists in every genre - dancers, painters, musicians, all have to learn before they can harness their unrefined gift. They study for YEARS before they find success. They all display flair in the first place of course, but without direction that flair will flounder. Writers are just the same.
  • You should stop listening to lay people. You’ll probably find a lot of friends offering advice - telling you how good you are - telling you where you're going wrong..... forget it. Listen ONLY to skilled writers or editors. Friends and family can be too enthusiastic or too critical – they won’t look at it with a qualified eye – they’re too close to you.
  • If you're really serious you should join an online Writer’s Circle. They're free, friendly, and full of like minded people - some with years of experience to tap into and take advantage of.
  • You should try to find a local writer's group - mixing with other writers will work wonders for your morale, they’ll offer good advice and give a professional critique to your work. you'll soon start to feel like a real writer - what more could you want?
Hope this helps you on your way a little. Don't give up, don't get dispirited - just keep writing and one day it will happen.


Anonymous said...

AJ, as always, great advice put in a straight forward manner. It's a good checklist for new writers and a set of reminders for more experienced ones. Thanks for this.

Take care,

ajbarnett said...

Thanks for that, JC. Kind words from a fellow author mean a lot.

stevetuf said...

You would also do well to stop by KM Weiland's excellent blog (http://www.wordplay-kmweiland.blogspot.com/) and YouTube videos (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1Ciga5NAjo) All of the videos are great pointers for writing a ripping read!