Wednesday 3 November 2010

Tapping into your emotions

Tell Me A Story - Congratulations

Congratulations to Joe Mynhardt for his recent success. Joe - a fellow author on MWC had been talking on the forum about the best way of using emotions in writing. I put in my pennyworth and thought you might be interested as well.
"I think the secret of emotive writing is to tap into your own emotions and experiences, BUT apply them in a different slant.
Sometimes real experiences are too raw and we can't do them true justice on paper. In those circumstances it's better to write about something entirely different, yet still tap into the emotion we feel. In this way we give our work depth. For a greater feel for the subject read - The Fulfilling Fact - Emotional Influence.

Joe replied with - "Well said, AJ - and I guess I got it right, because I sent the story off yesterday and got an acceptance email today."

I wish Joe Mynhardt all the very best with his work. I love it when people find success. It gives everyone else encouragement too. So all of you out there still struggling, take heart. It CAN happen.

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