Thursday, 3 June 2010

Publishing on Amazon Kindle is TOO simple.

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Prospects for new writers to be taken on board by traditional publishing houses seem to be getting fewer. The number of publishers is getting less, and those that remain are becoming more discerning, and have reduced catalogue lists. The remaining publishers often select celebrity writers over unfamiliar, but accomplished writers... yet who can condemn them. Most are desperate to maximise their decreasing profits. Many publishing houses have permanently closed; my own publisher is having financial problems. The future seems depressing – yet does it have to be?

A lot of new authors are turning to self-publication and to e-books, seeing them as their saviour, and who can blame them. Amazon Kindle is rapidly becoming the author’s favourite choice, and has made the publishing procedure very simple.

The trouble when this happens is a vital editing link becomes missing. The numerous and rigorous checks that take place within the publishing house will not be there. The author MUST perform these checks or the quality of the finished product will be low.

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Julie Beddoes said...

You have a good point. When I purchase a book, I am placing my trust in those numerous checks at the publishers to ensure that I am getting a product worth paying for. Without those steps, who knows what I will get.

Now as a writer, I am somewhat more open to the idea of self-publishing and what that means for marketing. I have heard of and read about more and more self publishing authors getting picked up by publishing houses after seeing an e-books success.

Whatever way you look at it, I think the publishing industry is slowly, and maybe painfully, being turned on it's head. Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe not.

ajbarnett said...

Thanks for the comment, Julie.

I see it as one of the big obstacles for self-publishing. Too many wannerbes who would never get past the initial readers, are publishing on e-books.

I have recently published on Kindle, but only stuff that has already been accepted and passed by traditional publishers.

In the future, who knows. I hope I am capable of applying what I preach.

Charlene said...

I do agree. The demand for ebooks have grown increasingly over the past few years, especially with the advent of the Amazon Kindle into the market.