Thursday, 24 June 2010

All Rights Reverted

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Well, it's finally happened.

The financial problems facing the Western World have crippled a lot of publishers. Book sales are down, bricks and mortar stores are closing, publishing houses are in trouble, my own publishers being no exception - they have had to shut operations for six months and to be quite honest with little hope of recovering.

I hate kicking anyone when they're down, but you really have to cover your own backside.... so after a lot of deliberation, I sent a polite request to the publisher asking for full rights to revert to me - and the CEO has agreed.

It's a shame when any business goes under, but when it's one that you're connected to, you really feel for them

At any rate - the upshot is that I shall do a small rewrite of WITHOUT REPROACH then perhaps release it on Kindle... unless that is, some enterprising traditional publishing house jumps in with an offer...

I suppose I can take some small comfort in the knowledge that the novel was professionally edited and accepted by a publishing house - so it is up to commercial standard.

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