Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The vulnerable writer

Tell Me a Story

As a writer, you are vulnerable – especially if you haven’t yet been published.

Plain old shit

Most creative souls are susceptible to people’s comments, to failure, to having the right idea at the wrong time or the wrong place or the other way round…. Or to finding that the market you’re aiming for is simply not ready for your idea…. or horror of horrors, to realising that your idea is just plain old shit.

The important thing is that you do write, and that you write with enthusiasm and pride.

Carry on regardless

Remember, nothing was ever created out of shilly-shallying. We have a special kind of respect for people who fail yet carry on regardless. We know in our hearts that sometime soon they will be triumphant, next time they could pen a best seller.

If you’re in your study struggling to find the right words, the right idea, remember that all successful writers have been there and climbed through the pain barrier. You’re not alone even though it feels that way.

Come on, forget vulnerability let’s write!


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