Friday, 27 November 2009

Tips for editing your book

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So your story is written. Your flurry of words is finally down, you've captured all the ideas you wanted to capture. The adventure is complete.

Now comes the hard work.

That amazing manuscript is raw. Raw words should never see the light of day other than by the author. You now have to become your own worst critic. You must put those wonderful words away for a few weeks. Shove them in a drawer. Lock them up. Let them rest for a while.

It's amazing what a few weeks away from your work will do to your perspective. You'll suddenly realize those words aren't so magical after all. But all is not lost.


You need to learn how to polish. You have to put on your editing head and knock that precious book into shape.

How? Take a look at To Write A Story - 20 Ways To Write A Story Better and you'll stand a chance of making it to the other side without screaming.

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Sam Downing said...

Additional editing tip: stay positive. I'm currently revising my WIP and it's SO EASY to fall into this trap where I start beating myself up over the things I've done wrong, instead of the things that I can do better.