Monday, 12 October 2009

National Hispanic Awareness month - Around Jalon

Tell Me a Story - National Hispanic Awareness month

Novels and in fact ANYTHING to do with Spain seem to be in the public interest at the moment.

I've been asked to give an indication of what it's like around Jalon, do I have pictures. A couple of readers wanted to understand where Without Reproach was set and what the scenery was like. So here goes. Here's a flavour of rural Spain - nothing like the high-rise Costas you might be familiar with.

Let your mind go free, live with Eduardo, experience his country understand his rugged domain.

I'll publish some more pictures over the next few blog posts. Hope you got a flavour of this big country for your National Hispanic Awareness month. And for those of you living in the New World, hope you like what you see of the Old.

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