Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Michael Jackson novel

Tell Me a Story - news

New York publishers are apparently making a bid for a work of fiction written by the one and only Michael Jackson according to a source in the industry.

The novel supposedly portrays a rock star at the zenith of his success, who becomes disillusioned with success and instead is fixated with death.

It seems the novel is a reflection of Michael Jackson’s own life - his escalation to stardom and the manifestation of his private demons.

The bid for Michael Jackson's novel is expected to be in the six figures area.

Celebrities taking over

I KNOW he's dead but as far as I'm concerned it's just another case of celebrities taking over the publishing industry.

It pisses me off that authors can't get sales, yet a celebrity already worth millions, will make millions more from book sales ..... I know, I know.... sour grapes - but I can't help it. Most authors struggle to make peanuts..... but you've heard all this before..... I rest my weary tongue.

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