Monday, 14 September 2009

Marketing your book

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I'm always on the look out for ways to promote 'Without Reproach'. So, when an article to help with book marketing appears on the web I'm straight in there - what new things can I learn, how else can I get my novel 'out there', how can I make it popular?

Contrary to fashionable belief, books don't sell themselves - unless you're someone like Stephenie Meyer of course. Publishers rarely put much effort into selling your book. Budgets for promotion often aren't available for mere mortals, and even if your publisher DOES provide book promotion, the money will be part of an advance package .... And don't run away with the idea that an advance is some free gift of cash from the 'nice publisher'. An advance it's what it says it is - an advance - an advance against estimated future sales of your book. If sales of your book don't reach the level of the advance, chances are you won't get another contract.....

Most people have a rather grandiose idea that we authors knock out a book then sit back and wait for royalty cheques to roll in ..... NOT SO. I'm afraid that in today's competative world, there are so many new books on the market that chances of sales of your book or my book selling well, are very slim indeed.

Authors need a hell of a lot of luck to get large numbers of their books into the hands of Joe Public .... hence my obsession with finding articles that help with marketing books.

This time I found an article via LinkedIn - a good site to be on by the way. The article is an interview with author Charles S. Weinblatt, and makes good sense, has some good tips and guidelines. Give it a try I'm sure you'll find something of interest in there.

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