Saturday, 25 July 2009

My Hubpage record.

Tell Me a Story - update.

I've just been looking over my Hubpage statistics. I'm dead chuffed to see that my Hub on writing (article, for the uninitiated) - 400 Alternative Words For Said, is heading for 5500 unique visits, and 64 comments have been left. A record for me.

- I hasten to clarify that the gist of the article is to NOT use alternative words for 'said', that 'said' is a lowly word that disappears in reader's eyes.

- But wow! 5500 people have hit the site for information. That's an awful lot of people who've taken the trouble to look at what I say and think. It makes me feel humble. It also makes me realise how careful we writers need to be in what we say.

If you're one of those people who've visited, may I say thank you for your support, and I hope it provided you with the right information....


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550 other words for said

End of post - My Hubpage record

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