Thursday, 23 July 2009

Author, Michael Di Lauro

Tell Me a Story - success

In these bleak financial times, it's nice to hear of publishing success stories. When it happens, I'm all for letting the world know that you CAN still get out there, that there ARE still opportunities to be had.

From Ottawa, Canada, Michael Di Lauro, writing instructor and advisor, is thrilled to announce that he's signed a contract with a publisher for his book The Net Present Value of Life. You can read a brief outline at his site

I guess the only thing he needs now are marketing ideas. Publishing is only the first step. I'm afraid very few houses have publicity budgets. It's a sad fact that amongst new authors, only celebrities sell books. Still, getting published is a major achievement and should never be overlooked.

Hold it in your hands, Michael. That first thrill can never be replaced.


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Michael Di Lauro said...

Hello Anthony James,

Thanks so much for writing about me on your blog. I'm thrilled that you've taken the time to do that.

Best regards