Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Website for writers

Tell Me a Story - information.

I'm a member of several online sites. One of the members, (Robin Stanton Web Design/Advertising Agency for Small Businesses) seems to have a good idea for authors.

I have no personal experience of the website she's advocating, but I thought it worthy of passing the information on. Let me know how you go on if you give it a whiz.

Online marketing idea
I have a site: and am always on the lookout for new items to sell on there. I would love if anyone would be interested in selling their book (s), ebooks, business books on the site. Your book would be featured for the entire day for sale and I also like to give back - anyone with childrens books, could work something out for each book sold would be donated to a cause for children. Would love to hear any feedback you may have!


In my opinion, anything that gives struggling writers a legup is worth supporting. Well done Robin. Hope it goes well.


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