Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Japanese author, Koji Suzuki, and 'Drop'

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Here’s a novel idea…. The ultimate in recycling.

The latest book from Japanese author, Koji Suzuki, “Drop,” hailed as a horror experience in the toilet, is printed on rolls of toilet paper. Is that some sort of foreboding? Does he expect it to be flushed away….. Or flushed with success?

Koji Suzuki is the author of the horror story ‘Ring’, which was turned into a movie by both Japanese film-makers and Hollywood.

At least this book might be useful for wiping your backside on if you don’t like the story. I suppose it’s not too far removed from the days when we had old newspapers hanging in the loo…. They say things go in cycles… Or is it recycle.

*** Koji-Suzuki, Drop, Koji-Suzuki, Drop, Koji-Suzuki, Drop ***

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