Friday, 3 April 2009

A Lion Called Christian, by Anthony Bourke and John Rendall

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Wow, good things can happen given time. It just shows it’s never too late.

Success for, 'A Lion Called Christian'

A YouTube video, which was only two minutes long, but viewed more than 44 million times, has produced a best selling book.... And it's happened many years after the book was first written.

A Lion Called Christian has finally hit the big time, and it's all due to a short video clip that emerged last year. The video showed a reunion between the authors — Anthony Bourke and John Rendall — and the lion they reared and nurtured before being freed into the wild.

Out of Print.

Amazingly, 'A Lion Called Christian' was first published in 1971 but has been out of print for several decades.

"The book has been revised and spruced up," says Charles Conrad of Broadway Books. "It's a book of great animal/human bonding. People are looking for a feel-good story in the midst of all the bad news."

I'm chuffed to little monkeys for them. I suppose it's vindication for what YouTube can do. I've read several times that authors should put their work on it - maybe it's time for all aspiring scribes out there to take heart from this, and do something about it....

All power to the authors. Well done Anthony Bourke, well done John Rendall – let’s hope it keeps selling. It does my heart good to hear of success like this – especially after so many years.

Great stuff!

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Jenniferbhalahansen said...

Yes, I have this video clip on my name blog because it is so beautiful. It is about time it is recognized. 44 million views, now that's a lot of people being affected by their awesome bond.

Carolyn said...

I guess I just cannot get enough of Christian the Lion - he is my Narnia! Thank you Ace and John and very much to the late George Adamson who made Christian's integration to his roots in Africa a reality! I would like to think Christian lived a full and happy life and is now in Paradise with his Lions friends Boy, Katania, Cub etc.... and George - and waiting for the others to join him.