Sunday, 5 April 2009

Are Amazon crazy?

Tell Me a Story - viewpoint.

Writers beware....

Amazon online bookstore have lost their heads

When posting a review for Amazon, reviewers are no longer allowed to include anything other than their name in the signature. There are to be NO links to, or mention of, their own books whatsoever in the review or signature line.

Amazon remove reviews.

Amazon have apparently already removed numerous reviews from their lists, which had previously been accepted.

This rule also applies to any comments in a book review. Amazon doesn’t want authors to mention their own books anywhere on the review page.

This is crazy stuff.

Most authors create very readable reviews, and to add a tiny advert in the signature is not SPAM. In fact it adds a certain credibility for a professional to take time to create a review.

I don’t know what is going on with decision makers at Amazon, but their heads must be full of shit.

Surely, the job of Amazon is to sell.

If an author has written a review and the person reading the review chooses to go to the book mentioned in the signature line – isn’t that a potential sale?

Are Amazon absolutely mad? They're shooting themselves in the foot....

*** Amazon remove reviews, Amazon remove reviews ***

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