Friday 23 January 2009

Malia and Sasha Obama and their fashions

To be the daughter of the most powerful man in the Western world has to be a taxing affair. However, Malia, 10 and Sasha, 7, the daughters of America’s first couple Barack and Michelle Obama, shoulder that responsibility unconsciously.

Malia and Sasha Obama's clothing

From the time it was suspected they were headed for the White House (no adverse credit remortgage there), the daughters have been grabbing the interest of the world, with the inquisitive searching the Internet to discover more. Fashion accessories are what people want to know about.

It seems the media is insatiable

How tall

Since inauguration, searches on the web about the two girls escalated over 500%. The inquisitive want to know such mundane things as, "how tall is Malia Obama (5'6")," "Sasha Obama age (7)," and "find letters to Sasha and Malia."

Malia, Sasha and Fashion

The inauguration weekend embarked the girls on a new course to celebrity with frantic searches on everything from "Sasha and Malia inauguration outfits," "Malia and Sasha Obama pictures," and "Sasha and Malia Obama and Jonas brothers."

The girls, who have their very own fashion press, sent the hits sizzling on the website of fashion accessories store, J.Crew, causing it to crash, after it was revealed that their coats came from the online store. It seems their clothing taste is uppermost in a lot of people's minds.

Wow! I wish Malia and Sasha said they liked Without Reproach, maybe readers would show a little more interest ….

**** Malia and Sasha **** Malia and Sasha ****

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Janet Jarrell said...

I think history will show that it can be quite nasty being the daughter of the US President; Chelsea Clinton took more than her fair share of hard press, and you don't have to look hard for harsh stories about the Bush twins; I wish these young girls luck!