Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Fifty years of Jack Higgins

Congratulations, Jack.

Novelist Jack Higgins, observes fifty years of writing this year - wow!

Eight years ago, Mr. Higgins, 79, was diagnosed with a progressive neurological disease. It made him tremble so much that about two years ago he was on the verge of quitting writing.

However, whilst visiting a friend, he accidentally banged his head, and was admitted to hospital - and miraculously his tremors disappeared.

He was lucky

He commented, "In a way it is a bit like Lazareth. It has been a blessing late in life -- this unprecedented cure. People have got in touch with me who have got this crippling thing to say what can they do. I can't tell what to do. I was just lucky."

Jack Higgins has written in excess of 60 novels. His 1975 novel "The Eagle Has Landed" was made into a smash hit movie and established him as an international best-selling author.

May you have another fifty years, Jack. I wish you well.

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