Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Review - The Handmaid and the Carpenter, Elizabeth Berg

A new view on Nativity

The best selling author, Elizabeth Berg, uses her emotional words to lure us into the lives of Mary and Joseph. Berg overhauls the customary Nativity story by examining a very human couple, struggling with their faith in each other, and in God.

When all is said and done, how many people would believe their wife if faced with the same shocking news.

Jumbled sentiments

Berg's work creates an awareness of a far off place and time, yet keeps the couple's jumbled sentiments bang up to date.

This is a tale of devotion in many ways. It’s not easy for Joseph and Mary to come to terms with her pregnancy with only her own faith and a few confused dreams as guidance. Joseph fights with his religious values, as well as his trust in Mary's word, yet stay close to her.

Berg's story is a confidential vision of love, and utterly human flaws and challenges readers to think.

A story worth reading.

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