Friday 5 December 2008

How many time do authors rewrite manuscripts

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Hi, AJ. I’ve heard that most authors rewrite their manuscripts before getting published. But just how many times does an author rewrite a manuscript to get it to the point where they are pleased with it?

Hi, Jonathan, nice to hear from you. The thing is, it isn’t often an author simply dives in to rewrite the whole thing, well at least none I know, does.
Most authors make adjustments here and there which over time could build into major changes. Just occasionally they scrub out whole passages and redo them. If an author doesn't like the way a section sounds, or like the way the story has developed they simply have to tweak.
'Without Reproach' was re-written several times - I lost count. I even rewrote the first three pages on the VERY morning I was to hand the manuscript over. As you can imagine, it drove me into panic. The publisher’s editor was very good though and not only allowed me to do tiny adjustments whilst it was in the editing stage, but to change the way it ended just before the editing was complete.
However, when the book hit the market, I wished I wished I'd done it all differently.
Like most creative people, I don't think authors are ever satisfied.

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