Sunday, 14 December 2008

To write, or not to write. That is the question.

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Incestuous relationships

Hi AJ, I’m looking for a bit of advice. I want to write a book. I know incestuous relationships are wrong, but will it be acceptable to write a story about it? I love creative writing. I want to write about a girl being in love with someone in the close family, but would the issue be too contentious - too emotive? I have an idea and wonder whether to continue and write it through, or should I just drop the whole thing before I get too far.
No such thing as normal
Hello André, glad you stopped by. Of course it'll be okay. It sounds as if it might be a good story line …. and there’s no such thing as 'normal'.
What I will say though, is that with this sort of issue make sure your creative writing is poignant. Be really emotive, wrench a few heartstrings and you'll be just fine. Go for it.
What you mustn't do is include the incestuous relationships just for the sake of shock. As long as it's sensitive then there's no problem. Make it natural, bring in the 'ah' factor, and your story could just be a winner.


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