Saturday 20 December 2008

Hot Spanish days and cold Spanish nights

Hot Spanish days.
At last the Costa Blanca winter days have shrugged off the damp coldness we've been suffering of late. We're having sun and feeling warmer and better for it. Nights turn cold, but at least at lunchtimes we're sitting in the courtyard - sipping coffee laced with brandy - makes me feel good just at the thought.....
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I built the courtyard last year and already it's lush and overgrown - thanks to too much rain but plenty of warm days. The Costa Blanca has had more rain this year than in all the nine years since we've been here - we were in drought for a while.

Cold Spanish Nights

You might not consider it very green. But I love my high-efficiency, glass-fronted log burner. It makes cold Spanish nights bearable. The price of gas for central heating is now 50 Euros a bottle, and in cold weather we can get through a bottle in 5 days - 10 Euros a day - not much fun.

Wood is much cheaper - and I can suppliment it from the campo - much more fun.... And before you start moaning about smoke damaging the environment - at least it's a renewable form of energy....

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