Monday, 17 November 2008

Holiday is over.

Well that's it for a while -end of holiday -back to reality.

We've just had a few days off and zipped over to Benidorm - full board, 4 star hotel - a snip at this time of the year - nice. We live about 45 minutes away, so it wasn't exactly a hard days travel - and it made a real change to be pampered.

We took in a few shows, saw an amazing firework display, sipped coffee and brandy a few mornings on the trot -and did a spot of people watching. Great stuff.

Sorry if you've missed my posts, but it doesn't do to let the world know you're not going to be home, not everyone is scrupulous....

End of - Holiday is over.

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Anonymous said...

Well said. I think some people watch for you to say, "I'm off for the next three days. no posts coming. No Internet where I'm headed. See you in 3 days."

I love twitter, but I can imagine someone saying, "Back in a week." and coming home to a cleared out house and a shaved cat.