Friday 7 November 2008

Carolyn Chute, novelist.

Not a good deal.

If your image of a novelist is one of wealth and worldly goods, let me put you in the picture. 5% of writers take 95% of all income from books - not a fair deal for the rest of us. Most of us write because that’s what we are – writers.

Carolyn Chute's old typewriter.

The novelist Carolyn Chute apparently doesn't even have a phone, fax or computer. She writes on a huge electric typewriter that was probably high-tech in 1970. Carolyn and her husband, Michael, live in a small compound at the end of a rutted road in a rustic Maine village near the New Hampshire border, US.

Carolyn Chute, 61, a sardonic, straight talking woman, works in their home. The building is heated by wood stove, and has no hot water.

Wow! Carolyn I don’t know how you survive or why you keep going …. But I don’t suppose you know why I live in Spain either.

Good luck to you and yours. I hope your book sells well. May your future be bright.

End of - Carolyn Chute, novelist..

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