Saturday, 4 October 2008

Storytellers and writers.

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Hi, Anthony, what's the difference between a storyteller and a writer? Are they the same?

  • Hi Sara. It's generally accepted a storyteller is someone with a natural ability to produce exciting stories.

    Storytellers spellbind their readership, they seem to have an innate understanding of what constitutes an interesting tale. However, being a good storyteller, doesn't necessarily equate with being a 'good' writer. They may not have a grasp of the technical side of writing. Their sentence structure, characterization, and grammar may be poor.

    An example of this could be Stephenie Meyers. Although not having read any of her work, I understand it to be poorly written, yet popular. Someone who certainly falls within this scope is Jeffrey Archer. His books sell by the million, are exciting and highly readable .... yet are in fact poorly written and grammatically incorrect. His stories are full of 'holes'.

    Alternatively, someone may be excellent at structuring their work, but have little of interest to say .... yet, are lauded as producing works of art.

    Who is to say which is right or wrong. It's all in the eye of the beholder. You pays your money, you takes your chance!
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Anonymous said...

I would like to develop both in my writing. Story telling to keep people interested in the story, and 'writing' so they don't get turned off by my awkward phrasing, grammatical errors, and such.