Monday, 27 October 2008

The future for books

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Should Authors stop writing

Anthony, is there any future for books? I think advances in technology are perhaps making electronic books and audio books slightly popular, but now-a-days teenagers don’t like reading. They enjoy films more. The future of books seems to be on the wane; do you think books have any future at all in the coming years? Should authors just stop writing?

  • Hello Colin, an interesting point, but what are you basing it on? Where are the facts to back it up?

  • Hullabaloo

  • It seems to me the attractiveness of books has never diminished. Look at the frenzy over Harry Potter, look at the long queues and hullabaloo over the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer - it’s tantamount to adulation, and almost on the scale we saw when the Beatles first hit the scene.

  • I think reading will never 'die a death'. There’s certainly latitude for media other than books, but the power of the written word remains awesome and I seriously doubt books will ‘die a death’.

  • When people read, they’re transported by the story. In their mind they construct the most ideal circumstance possible for the adventure. When watching films, they see the director's version of events and it can NEVER be as perfect as the one in their mind.

  • I think most people will agree that a film is rarely as good as the book. So Colin, my answer is, as far as I'm concerned the future of books remains assured.

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