Thursday, 30 October 2008

Danielle Steel and her first blog

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Danielle Steel.

I feel extremely privileged.

I've had the extraordinarily good fortune to make a comment, on the very first blog post by the celebrated author Danielle Steel.

It's been accepted and is now showing, but in general, comments are, provided they don't contravine decency. I've respected her forever and it’s unbelievable that I should have discovered her blog when it's so new. I thought at first there'd been no other comments, that I was the FIRST, but it was merely that Danielle hadn't accepted the earlier comments at that point.


It's strange to realise that Danielle was as apprehensive about her first blog post as the rest of us. None of us know what to say when we start out. We just feel our way into the blogosphere a bit at a time. It falls into place after a while, thank goodness, or I wouldn’t be doing this now.

At any rate, I hope you all join me in wishing Danielle all the best with her new blog.

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